The Unbalanced Eater: Finding Freedom from Eating Disorders


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The Unbalanced Eater by Taran Schilg is about a woman who struggled with several eating disorders for over fifteen years of her life. In her desperation she cried out to God for answers to her unbalanced eating lifestyle, and the Lord answered her cry.

In The Unbalanced Eater, Taran explains how it is estimated that 30 million people in the United States alone struggle with eating disorders and how culture strategically influences the way people view themselves and others. Taran exposes how in the media and entertainment industries, there is a demonic scheme conforming people’s minds to the patterns of this world. By applying the Word of God and kingdom principles to her life, Taran found the solutions that ultimately set her free from the eating disorders that had bound her for so long. In this book, readers will find key points that will help lead them to freedom, the right solution for them personally, and values that will set them on track to be successful in living a healthy, balanced life.


  1. Stacy Mitchell

    There is an amazing revelation in these pages. No matter what your struggle is—whether it’s an eating disorder, an addiction, or some type of fear—this book will guide you to be an overcomer and help you find peace in your life.

    —Stacy Mitchell

    BSN RN, Author, and Motivational Speaker

  2. Sherri Beall

    Many young women still carry the baggage of a broken self-image, damaged by a consumer-driven culture and peers battling their own doubts and fear. It’s a common torment, but in The Unbalanced Eater, the end result is uncommon. The author clearly and openly takes the reader back down the path of what could have been her destruction, but the course is changed to a God-driven path past the pain and on to victory. Bravo for helping all women, the young and old, center their focus on the Creator, so that His creations value their lives and achieve a balance that can last for a lifetime.

    —Sherri Beall

    Songwriter, Worship Pastor, Bethel World Prayer Center, Columbus, Ohio

  3. Mandy Adendorff

    The Unbalanced Eater is a life-vest to anyone drowning in the hopeless cycle of eating disorders. Taran Schilg uncovers the roots of destructive eating lifestyles and gives practical ways to healing, freedom, and health. Readers will discover the journey from being trapped in the world of destructive thinking and eating to the breakthroughs that lead to lasting freedom. Thank you, Taran, for sharing your very personal story with us. Together with the heavenly strategies that you received, this book will be the start of a new day for many.

    — Mandy Adendorff

    Artist, revivalist, and author of God Magnet

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