I was running on my treadmill watching a television show that plays some of the latest songs in the current music industry. I do not normally listen to any type of secular music and had had never heard these songs prior to watching this show. I realized a couple of them sounded like popular Christian songs that are currently being played on Christian radio stations. I was pondering all of this when the Lord spoke to me. “It’s time to take back the music.”

I believe we are in an hour where secular music has hit an all-time low, so to speak, in both lyrics and musicality. Because of this, I believe the Lord wants his children who are songwriters and musicians to begin meeting with him in the secret place for inspiration and new songs. Not just predominately Christian songs to be used in Churches, but many genres that will reach several different areas of influence with Holy and pure topics and lyrics.

Along with the creation of these songs there will be doors of great opportunity that will begin to fling open for those who heed the word of the Lord by coming to him in the secret place where he will give them “better” songs than those that are currently being played out in the world on a large scale. The advancement will become so great that many people will begin listening to the songs of these Christian artists more than the secular artists that are singing about things that are abominable to God and his ways. Through this, many who are famous music artist will begin asking themselves as well as their writers, producers, and recording companies “what are we doing wrong?”

These are not songs created solely for Christian radio or churches alone, but crossover songs that will reach throughout the world. I am also feeling that as Christians talent take back the music industry other entertainment industries will follow. Where there has been a great amount of ground taken in these industries there is a great grace to fully take them back to for the kingdom of God and giving a positive influence to the world.

I believe we are entering into a great supernatural grace for the children of God to take back the music industry making a huge dent in the arts and entertainment mountain by receiving inspiration and creativity through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants to radically shift the music industry and reveal to the world that he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, the creator and author of everything, including music.

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